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2nd Place South Of The James Tournament
Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8297Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8298Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8299Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8301Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8302Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8306Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8307Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8308Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8311Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8313Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8314Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8315Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8316Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8317Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8318Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8319Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8320Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8321Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8322Lucas Wrestling 2-12-17-8323